The Lost Art of a Family Business

by Niki Bradshaw

February 2, 2018

In a world full of large corporations where the personal touch is often replaced by a number, we have stood true to the idea that people and businesses matter. Our interactions are not transactional, we do not see you as just a tenant, we see YOU as well as the business you are growing.

We believe in the old adage, “treat others as you would like to be treated”. We want our tenants to know that they are our first priority. That our mission at Eastbrook Properties is to take care of our tenants and to treat them as we would like to be treated.

There is no large corporation that we have to answer to. There is no never ending chain of command, at Eastbrook Properties you truly get the personalized attention of a family owned business.

40 years ago Bob Campbell set out with a dream to never have to work for anyone else again. He realized that by standing by your word, always doing your best work, and working hard to make it happen, he could make his dream a reality. What began as a commercial construction company in 1978, transformed into the commercial business parks that now occupy Eastbrook Park, Eastbrook Plaza, 4420 Chouteau Professional Building and Eastbrook Collaborative.

When he built his business park he knew he wanted a mix use park that would allow him to truly build a business community. He wanted to keep the family touch where people are willing to take a chance on someone and their fully laid out plan.

Now as the next generation of the Campbell family takes over, the sense of community and personal touch is even more prevalent. We truly believe it is important to know your neighbors, it is important to work together, and we hope to support you on your way.

The sense of family is felt by our tenants and many of them have stayed with us for over 15 years. So when you are looking for a new HOME for your business why would you lease from a large corporation when you could become part of our family?

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